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Overview of the Event

Here’s the offer: you get a mini session with Kevin Elwell, Headshot Specialist of Get aHead Shot who will take your picture using his professional mobile studio. You’ll get instant feedback as you’ll be seeing the image come across to an iPad that’s right in front of you, so you can fine-tune your image and expression to get just the right look. You’ll select the image utilizing his expertise and your preference, he will crop it square, and send it to you via email for immediate upload to your social media platforms – all for $75 (ordinarily this would cost you $345). If you’d like it to be retouched or want additional images, those can be purchased at the time of the session.

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Fred Franke – Franchise Owner
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Here are the details:



It can’t get much easier to schedule – click the button here and after you pay for the session fee you’ll be able to pick a slot from those that are still available. After you choose an appointment slot, a confirmation email is sent (to me and to you) that includes prep instructions like what to wear, grooming, etc. Get ready and be on time.


I shoot directly into a laptop computer so that we can look at the shots together as we go, and I use a very unique setup where I mirror what I’m looking at behind my camera on an iPad I put in front of you. I use this as a coaching tool to help you get better in front of the camera, and I can also get your feedback on the things you like or don’t like. We can keep adjusting the details until we get shots that you’re loving. There will be no question if you look good or not, as you get immediate feedback during the session without having to move.


I will crop the image you select and send to you immediately with some instructions on how to post to LinkedIN or wherever you need a new profile picture. If you’d like to get the image retouched, I offer that service for $60 extra and you’ll receive the retouched image in three crops: square, which is perfect for profile pictures; 5×4 aspect ratio, perfect for social media; and 5×7 ideal for printing. If you’d like to purchase additional images they’re available for $175.

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