McLean Bible Church (MBC)
Career Networking Ministry (CNM)
Photo Session

Registration: Thank you for trusting me with helping you build your brand – a professional headshot is a foundational element and can really help you in your business pursuits.

We usually set up the studio in the lobby just outside the Smith Center, so look for the registration table there and check in with us.

Please arrive at 6pm to check in at the registration desk. You will receive a number for your session. We start taking pictures at 6pm and go until 8:30pm. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee a session. It is important for you to arrive at 6pm to check in and receive a number. The number will ensure we will take your picture on the night of the event. We will call the numbers in sequence, so it is your responsibility to be in the waiting area when your number is called. Unfortunately, if you are not present when your number is called, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take your picture.

If All the Sign-up Spots Are Gone…

We can only accommodate 25 registered participants. If the list is full, there are a couple of options: 1) registration for the next complementary event will open within a few days after this one completes. You can wait for that and register then to secure a slot, but that event will happen in two months’ time from this one; or 2) if you are so inclined, you can sign up for an individual session at the link here. This would offer you a few benefits: 1) you’ll get a lot more attention (much more than the six minute you’d get here), you can have wardrobe changes, and you’ll get the exact look you’re seeking; and 2) you’ll get your picture sooner rather than later. The downside of course is that it’s not free.

We will take a few walk-ins on the night of the event; however, it all depends on how many of the 25 registered participants show up. We usually have a few that don’t make it for whatever reason, but there’s no guarantee, and we won’t know until 7:30 PM, so there’s some waiting-around that you’ll have to do.

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