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February 8th starting at 6:00
Office Evolution: 205 Van Buren St., Suite 120
Herndon, VA 20170

Get aHead Shot in partner with Career Confidence is holding an event to enable job seekers to receive either a complementary or heavily discounted headshot.

Here are the details:

If you’re a job seeker and you are not able to pay anything, look for the black button in the calendar/scheduling section below and use the redeem code GETAHEADFREE. The session will be completely free for you. You will receive via email a professional image cropped square real-time at the event.

If you’re a job seeker and you ARE able to pay but you’d like to take advantage of the killer-deal, sign up for a ten-minute slot with your credit card. For $150 you’ll get a fully retouched image cropped in three versions (5×4 for social media, square for profile, and 5×7 for print). Just click the date (in this case the 8th), pick a time that’s still available, and go from there.

If you don’t think we can meet your needs in that ten minute time-slot, please hit the red button below to arrange for a full session and match up your calendar with mine to come to my studio in Centreville. You’ll get my undivided attention for as long as you need. Together we’ll create a full range of images that you’ll be able to use for whatever needs you have.


It can’t get much easier to schedule – us the calendar function here and you’ll be able to pick a slot from those that are still available (fifteen slots in total). After you choose an appointment, a confirmation email is sent that includes prep instructions like what to wear, grooming, etc. Get ready and please be on time.


I capture directly into a laptop computer so that we can look at the shots together as we go, and I use a very unique setup where I mirror what I’m looking at behind my camera, to a display that I put in front of you. I use this as a coaching tool to help you get better in front of the camera, and I can also get your feedback on the things you like or don’t like. We can keep adjusting the details until we get shots that you’re loving. There will be no question if you look good or not, as you get immediate feedback during the session without having to move.


I will crop the image you select and send to you immediately with some instructions on how to post to LinkedIN or wherever you need a new profile picture. If you opt-in for the killer-deal, I’ll send the image to you within ten days after it has been professionally retouched. You’ll get the image in three versions (5×4 for social media, square for profile, and 5×7 for print) delivered to you digitally via a dropbox link.

Meet Kevin Elwell

Kevin Elwell Headshot

If you’re unemployed and have lost hope, I can identify with you. Many years ago now, I suffered through three years of unemployment and several more years of “finding myself” – here is my story. If I can help in any way possible, please reach out to me.

There is a special place in my heart for the lost and unemployed, so I offer my services to the community on a regular basis (quarterly). That said, while I’m helping you, I am also building my business as a headshot specialist. I help busy professionals build their network by creating compelling headshot images that project their confidence and approachability. I have over 100 5-star reviews on Google, so my customers are very satisfied. If you know of a business I can help, or if you have other special needs that I can help with, please call me.

Kevin Elwell Photography, LLC

Serving the District, Maryland, & Virginia
Studio in Centreville, VA 20121


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